SCHMiDT 3530 With Cabin

Detailed description

Model 3530
Engine Model Kubota D1105 -EF02
Emissions EU Stage 5
Output Power kW/rpm 18.5 kW
Cylinders 3
Engine cc 1123 cc
Cooling system Water cooled
Operating Voltage V 12
Battery 60
Weight Working weight (standard) (kg)  1700
Maximum lift  (kg) 1100
Rated load with bucket (kg)
with your arm raised straight ahead 1000/850
with the arm raised when turning 750/550
Machine data
Maximum speed km/h 12
Fuel tank capacity 26
Hydraulic oil tank capacity l 40
Hydraulic drive
Efficienct l/min 84
Working pressure bar 300
Hydraulic control
Efficiency l/min 32
Working pressure bar 180
A Width above the tires mm 830
B Minimum ground clearance mm 174
C Wheelbase mm 803
D Overall width mm 1110
E Maximum lifting height mm 3440
F Maximum height to hinge pin mm 2900
G Carrying height mm 2596
H Maximum drop height mm 2066
I Reach at maximum lifting height mm 613
J Digging depth mm 170
K Distance from the center of the front axle to the hitch mm 550
L Axle base mm 1370
M Distance from the rear axle to the bumper mm 960
N Total length without bucket mm 2960
O Total length with bucket mm 3780
P Hitch height mm 585
Q Seat height mm 1128
R Height to the top of the FOPS structure mm 2210
S Rear tilt angle at maximum load capacity deg. 49
T Maximum drop angle deg. 43
X Minimum turning radius mm 2590
Y Turning radius at the outer edge mm 2220
Z Turning radius on the inside edge mm 1110
U Tilt angle – ground deg. 50
V Departure angle deg. 25
W Turning radius deg. 45
Width 27×8.5-15 mm 970
Width 26×12-12 AS mm 1110


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