SCHMiDT 6050

The SCHMIDT 6050 wheel loader is based on a high-quality YANMAR 4TNV98T engine with a EURO 3 emission certificate. Over 6 meters in length and almost 2 meters in width guarantees the ability to work in all conditions. The maximum lifting capacity of this type of loader is 2,600 kg. The machine supports a spoon or pallet fork. Its maximum speed is 24 km / h, the articulation angle is 40 degrees and the maximum turning radius is 7,200 mm. Our SCHMIDT 6050 loader guarantees stable operation in all conditions.


Detailed description

Model 6050

  • Model
  • Emissions
  • Output power [ kw/rpm ]
  • Xinchai 4E30
  • EU Stage V
  • 55 kW
Transmission system type type: Hydraulic
Dimensions mm
Overall length 6018 mm
overall height 2800
total width (without bucket) 1920 mm
minimum clearance 355 mm
Hydraulic system
Efficiency of the working pump 50 -125 l/min.
Pressure 18 Mpa
driving pump efficiency 25 l/min.
Pressure 18 Mpa
Running gear
Tire size 16/70-20
Driving speed min / maks 10/24 km/h
Maximum pulling power 48 kN
articulation angle 40 stopnie
frame oscillation ±10 stopnie
turning radius outside the bucket 7600 mm
turning radius of the inner wheel 2400 mm
Brakes essential hydraulic, disc,

operating on 4 wheels, dry discs

Parking brake disc located on the drive shaft
Load specification
Tipping load (straight) with bucket 2600 kg
with pallet forks 2800 kg
Tipping load (full turn) with bucket 2300 kg
with pallet forks 2350 kg
Rated operating capacity (SAE) with bucket 2000 kg
with pallet forks 2000 kg
Operational data
Standard bucket capacity 1 m3
Breakout force 50 kN
Lifting capacity at ground level 48 kN
Loader raise / lower time 5/3 sec.
Fuel tank capacity 60 l
Torque converter 15 l
Hydraulic system  50 l
Operating weight (including operator’s weight) 5500 kg
A Overall height 2800 mm
B Total width 1920 mm
C Minimum clearance 320 mm
D Axle base 2429 mm
E Wheelbase 1920 mm
F Turning radius outside the bucket 6504 mm
G Turning radius of the inner wheel 2505 mm
6050 bucket specifications
H Total length 6018 mm
I Total width 1920 mm
J Height to hinge pin 3780 mm
K Drop height 3180 mm
L Reach at maximum elevation 740 mm
M Digging depth 160 mm
N Drop angle at full lift 38 mm
O Transport position 50 mm
6050 pallet fork specification
A1 Total length 6554 mm
B1 Height at maximum reach 1563 mm
C1 Height when fully raised 3612 mm
D1 Coverage at ground level 1080 mm
E1 Maximum range 1600 mm
F1 Reach when fully raised 490 mm


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