SCHMiDT 4350A With Cabin

Our mini series loaders are distinguished by their compact design and small turning radius, which makes it possible to work even in a very small space. The machines have a very durable construction and are very easy to use. A very powerful hydraulic system and high lifting and breaking force from the ground ensure high efficiency. High ground clearance, low center of gravity and good load distribution ensure exemplary stability even on difficult ground. The machines are characterized by excellent visibility, easy to change accessories, and very simple operation using a multi-function joystick.

Detailed description

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  • Model
  • Emissions
  • Output Power [ kw/KM/rpm ]


  • Model
  • Emisssions
  • Output Power [ kw/KM/rpm ]


  • LS L3CRV-T2 Korea
  • EU Stage V
  • 37kW/ 2600 rpm


  • Xinchai 490
  • Euro 3
  • 36,8kW/ 2650 rpm
Electrical system
Operating voltage (Volt) 12 V
Bettery capacity  ( Ah) 72
Current (A) 65


Weight [kg]
Operating weight (standard) 3300 kg
Maximum lifting force 2480 kg
Tipping load with bucket (according to ISO 14397) [kg]
With your arm raised, straight ahead 2000 kg
With the arm raised, when turning 1630 kg
Tipping load with pallet forks (according to ISO 14397) [kg]
With your arm raised, straight ahead 1600 kg
With the arm raised, when turning 1330 kg
Machine data
Driving speed ( km/h) 0~10; 0~24
Fuel tank capacity (l) 50
Hydraulic oil capacity  (l) 50
Hydraulic system
Working hydraulic system Efficiency(l/min) 84
Working pressure (bar) 180
Hydraulic driving system Efficiency(l/min) 48-52
Working pressure (bar) 130
Drive type / Traction drive torque converter
Noise value
Guaranteed sound power level LwA (dB (A)) 101


A Total length with standard bucket 4902 mm
B Total length without bucket 3890 mm
C Axle center to bucket pivot pin 747 mm
D Axle base 2160 mm
E Rear overhang 873 mm
F Height to the top of the FOPS barrier 2400 mm
H Seat height 1400 mm
J Total working height 3920 mm
K Maximum bucket pin height 3220 mm
L Loading height above head 2910 mm
M Maximum drop height 2315 mm
N Effective range for E. 660 mm
O Digging depth 65 mm
P Total width 1420 mm
Q Track width 1015 mm
S Minimal clearance 120 mm
T Turning radius on the outer edge 4103 mm
U Max. turning radius 3743 mm
V Inside turning radius 2426 mm
W Steering angle 40 stopni
X Roll angle at max. lifting height 45 stopni
Y Max. drop angle 43 stopnie
Z Bucket angle in transport position 45 stopni
α Departure angle 45 stopni
Wheel options (width)
11.5/80-15.3EM 1306
19.0/45-17 1550


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