SCHMiDT 3639 With Cabin

Our mini series loaders are distinguished by their compact design and small turning radius, which makes it possible to work even in a very small space. The machines have a very durable construction and are very easy to use. A very powerful hydraulic system and high lifting and breaking force from the ground ensure high efficiency. High ground clearance, low center of gravity and good load distribution ensure exemplary stability even on difficult ground. The machines are characterized by excellent visibility, easy to change accessories, and very simple operation using a multi-function joystick.

Detailed description

Model 3639

  • Model
  • Engine cc
  • Emissions
  • Output power [ kw ]
  • Cooling system
  • Model
  • Output power [ kw ]
  • Emissions
  • Cooling system


    • Kubota V1505-E4B
    • 1498 ml
    •        EU Stage V
    • 18.5 kW/2300 rpm
    • Water cooled
    • Yanmar 3TNV88 Euro5
    • 17,7kW/2300 rpm
    • Euro 5
    • Water cooled
Electrical system
Operating Voltage ( Volts) 12 V
Battery 60 Ah


Weight                                                                                                                                                                                                   [kg]
Operating weight (standard) 2220 kg z kabiną
Maximum lifting force 1750 kg
Rated load with bucket [kg]
With your arm raised straight ahead 1280 kg
with the arm raised when turning 840 kg
Rated load with pallet fork [kg]
With your arm raised straight ahead 1120 kg
With the arm raised when turning 700 kg
Machine data
Maximum speed 0~8 / L:0~11 L:0~11 H:0~18
Fuel tank capacity 45 l
Hydraulic oil tank capacity 40 l
Hydraulic system
Hydraulic drive Efficiency 102 l/min
Working pressure 380 bar
Hydraulic control Efficiency 45 l/min
Working pressure 180 bar


A Width above the tires 1048 mm
B Minimum ground clearance 250 mm
C Wheelbase 795 mm
D Overall width 1080 mm
D1 Total width with bucket 1320 mm
E Maximum lifting height 3728 mm
F Maximum height to hinge pin 3100 mm
G Carrying height 2775 mm
H Maximum drop height 2110 mm
I Reach at maximum lifting height 484 mm
J Digging depth 200 mm
K Distance from the center of the front axle to the hitch 590 mm
L Axle base 1600 mm
M Distance from the rear axle to the bumper 1094 mm
N Total length without bucket 3440 mm
O Total length with bucket 4360 mm
P Hitch height 700 mm
Q Seat height 1162 mm
R Height to the top of the FOPS structure 2225 mm
S Rear tilt angle at maximum load capacity 45 °
T Maximum drop angle 45 °
X Minimum turning radius 3085 mm
Y Turning radius at the outer edge 2597 mm
Z Turning radius on the inside edge 1450 mm
U Tilt angle – ground 46 °
V Departure angle 27 °
W Turning radius 45 °
Width  10-16.5NHS 1080 mm
Width 31X15.5-15AS 1320 mm

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