Hydraulic flail mower


Detailed description

The mower is intended for maintaining grassy areas by mulching, shredding stems, straw and shredding small branches. It is also perfect for mowing meadows and densely overgrown areas.

Main features:

  • Low housing on both sides, which allows work under tree crowns.
    Belt tensioner
    Floating frame
    Replaceable safety chains
    Italian Casappa hydraulic motor
    Belt drive cooling system
    Working height adjustment 50 mm – 130 mm
    Clapper hammers, width 8.5 cm, hammer weight 0.8 kg
    Adjustable all-terrain roller
    Adjustable runners
Working width Overall width Weight
1250 mm 1400 mm 350 kg
1450 mm 1600 mm 365 kg
1650 mm 1800 mm 380 kg
1850 mm 2000 mm 440 kg
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