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Wheel loader SCHMIDT – 2016

Emission certificationEURO3
TransmissionTypefull hydraulic
DimensionsOverall lengthmm5400
Overall heightmm2620
Overall width (w/o bucket)mm1780
Ground clearancemm270
Auxiliary circuit pumps
made in Poland
Auxiliary hydraulic flowl/min.51-122
Auxiliary hydraulic pressureMpa18
Auxiliary hydraulic flowl/min.20
Auxiliary hydraulic pressureMpa18
Drive systemTire size 23.5/70-16
Travel speedLow / Highkm/h8/20
Max. traction forcekN45
Articulation angledeg.40
Angle of rear frame oscillationdeg.±10
Loader clearance circlemm8800
Turning radius track circlemm2700
ParkingFour Wheel Hydraulic spread-shoed brake
Lifting specificationsTipping load (straight)with bucketkg2200
with pallet forkskg2400
Tipping load (full turn)with bucketkg1950
with pallet forkskg2000
Rated operating capacity (SAE)with bucketkg1800
with pallet forkskg1850
Operational specificationsStandard bucket capacitym30.8
Breakout forcekN36,8
Lifting capacity at ground levelkN30
Loader raise / lower timesec.5/3
Fuel tankl55
Hydraulic systeml15
Hydraulic reservoirl45
Operating weight (Including operator weight)kg4000
Aoverall heightmm2620
Boverall widthmm1780
Cground clearancemm270
Floader clearance circlemm8800
Gturning radius track circlemm2700
2016 Bucket Specifications
Hoverall lengthmm5400
Ioverall widthmm1700
Jheight to hinge pinmm3350
Kdump clearancemm2850
Lreached fully raisedmm940
Mdigging depthmm160
Ndump angle fully raisedmm43
Orollback at travelling positionmm53
2016 pallet fork Specifications
A1overall lengthmm6000
B1height of forks at max. reachmm1450
C1height of forks at max. heightmm3200
D1reach at ground levelmm1000
E1max. reachmm1600
F1reach at max. heightmm620


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