Foldable Loader – Application

The loader in the foldable version is perfect for small road sections and small construction sites. Thanks to its speed, maneuverability and ease of maneuvering, it is possible to safely transport materials, including loose materials – for example sand.

The use of a folding loader allows for much faster progress in planned construction works than when using other equipment of this type, however, in the hands of an experienced operator, the type of ground on which the machine will work, as well as weather conditions, do not matter.

Folding loader – for whom?

Modern models of foldable loaders are capable of lifting materials weighing up to several tons and lifting them to a height of about 6-7 meters. For this reason, it will be particularly useful for specialized construction teams, but also for companies dealing with renovation works.

Please note that the loader operator must have the necessary authorizations.

Advantages of the Foldable Loader

It is worth choosing a foldable loader, especially due to their maneuverability and speed. This equipment can move at speeds of even more than 40 kilometers per hour, which is a high value by construction machinery standards. This is why the progress of construction and renovation works using this type of chargers is faster than using other types of equipment.

Additionally, an important issue is their low failure rate. Due to the lack of a significant risk of serious failures, bend loaders can be intensively used also in heavy works such as road construction.

In addition, many models of foldable loaders have a large lifting capacity, which also positively affects their potential use for construction or renovation works.

What too look for when purchasing ?

Engine power 

The selection of appropriate equipment must be preceded by thorough knowledge of the topic. In the case of loaders, remember that their power is not always the most important parameter.

First of all, you need to answer the question how the loader is to be used and for what type of work. The standard engine power range, 70-100 HP, will be suitable for users who do not plan to use the charger intensively – for example, for transport purposes. If you plan to use the equipment in this way, it is worth paying attention to engine power above 120 HP.

Comfort of use

Among the currently used bend loaders, there are two types of control and regulation of the boom operation – a distributor and a joystick (electrohydraulic). In terms of comfort and ergonomics of use, the second variant has a clear advantage – the operator can control the boom with one hand and use several functions at once, using economical movements.

Unfortunately, this solution may involve higher repair costs in the event of a possible failure.

Hydraulics and drive

It is worth paying attention to a Foldable loader that can move at speeds above 40 km/h, especially if it is planned to be used in fields distant from the farm (in the case of use in agriculture) or for transport purposes. Therefore, an important element whose parameters should be taken into account are mechanical transmissions or hydrostatic drive. Thanks to the latter, changing gears while driving becomes smoother and more convenient.

You should also pay attention to the efficiency of the hydraulic system. Higher efficiency means faster lifting and operating of attachments.

A careful and thoughtful choice is the best guarantee of purchasing equipment adapted to its future use and, consequently, of a good investment.

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